Asperger's In Adults

Cannot understand vague wording

 One of the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome is that I cannot understand vague wording or ambiguous expressions.
 For example, when I am told "Let's go to the usual place for a drink", I cannot understand where we are doing what, which confuses me.
 The only way for me to understand is when I can fully grasp the 5W1H within the conversation.


 When I am told to "Grab that from the desk", I cannot comprehend what I am supposed to grab.
 Am I supposed to grab everything from the desk or if I am supposed to grab a wrapping cloth from the desk, which causes me to panic.


 I am not good with "Demonstrative pronouns" and "Ambiguous wordings"
 Do you have similar problems?

How to contact

 As one with Asperger Syndrome that cannot understand vague instructions, it helps when instructions are as clear as possible.
When instructions are not clear, I cannot understand them, which causes me to think and leaves me unable to take any action. There may be times when I will interpret them in my own way, which may backfire.


 Instead of "some day", please specify "month and date". Instead of "some place", please specify "The restaurant (name) by the station". When the 5W1H is specified, I will not get confused.


 This may sound overblown, but it would help if you could talk to me as if you are talking to a first grader. Most people with Asperger Syndrome are very diligent at what they do, so as long as they understand what they are being told, they can take the necessary actions.