Characteristics of Asperger's In Adults

Freezing on 'open-ended questions'

 As one with Asperger Syndrome, when asked everyday questions like, "How have you been doing?" or "How are you doing today?" I become confused. In most cases, I freeze and answer with "...". Even if I am able to get some words out, I panic.

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 Questions like the above which have multiple answers are called open-ended questions. Normal people are able to adjust and answer these questions with no problems, but as one with Asperger Syndrome, I am unable to. I become confused when there are multiple ways to answer a question.
 It is helpful if the questions are close-ended questions. Close-ended questions are the opposite of open-ended questions, and the answering options are limited. Example questions would be "Did you eat breakfast today?" or "How much sleep did you get?" For questions like these I am able answer "Yes" and "6 hours".