Characteristics of Asperger's In Adults

Not being able to understand the meaning behind words

 A characteristic of Asperger Syndrome is that words need to be clearly stated for comprehension. We are not able to understand the meaning behind words and understand what a person is trying to tell us.


 I have been scolded for doing what I want after being told to "do as you please". I have been treated harshly during training without any malicious intentions, but I cannot understand this.


 There are many situations where all the words need to be said in order for me to understand. I am not able to comprehend any hidden meanings or words.
 For example, when picking up the phone and being asked "Is (person name) there?", I tend to answer with "Yes he/she is" and end the conversation. A normal person would understand that the person is looking to talk to somebody and pass the phone over. In my case, I just answer what is being asked.


How to contact

 As a person with Asperger Syndrome, I am unable to understand the hidden meaning behind words. In addition, it is almost impossible for me to understand hidden meanings by observing changes in tone or facial expressions.


 However, through experience, I have been able to slowly comprehend that "there may be differences between what is seen, the words being said and the feelings when the words are being said." I continue to try hard in being able to read between the lines.


 But, it would help tremendously if you could say all the words so that I (with Asperger Syndrome) can understand clearly.