Characteristics of Asperger's In Adults

Going on and on when criticizing someone

 Getting carried away during a conversation is a characteristic of Asperger Syndrome. By combining this with my own personality, when I find a flaw in somebody, I tend to go on and on with my criticism. I will even bring up past events and go and on. For example, "Why do you do such things!? You are always like that. Like that one time..." is a typical line. It is very unfortunate and regrettable on my part.

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 As one with Asperger Syndrome, I cannot stop when criticizing somebody.
People with Asperger Syndrome tend to go at their own pace without regards to the people around them. My criticizing is an onset of this symptom. I have a hard time controlling myself.


 So it is very helpful when there is somebody to "put the brakes on". Somebody that says, "Ok, that is it for now".
Luckily for me, there is somebody that does this for me. As a result, I have been able to stop myself.
As this person has stopped me over the years, I have recently been able control myself little by little.